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Issue 3

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Max, Kai and Huxley escape with the help of a new friend to find the advanced machines to repair his damaged memory cores. An evil force pursues them.

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Huxley Comics - Digital + Physical

Six exclusive issues. One incredible journey. Available for purchase and digital download as NFTs and redeemable for physical editions. Join the hunt to complete the saga.

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Gold Editions

Like all things on Fury-7, resources are limited - especially for the Ultra Rare Gold Editions. Luck could play a role in obtaining these special edition digital + physical comics and collectibles.

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Want exclusive access to the entire Huxley universe? Central A.I. has issued a limited quantity of Access Passes. Only the most loyal will be worthy.




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Your favorite characters from Sector 217, available as NFT and physical collectibles. Choose from Max, Karmak, Demon, Necro Trooper, Scrape, Kai and of course Huxley, or collect them all!


Designs and fashion from the wastelands of Fury-7, wearable anywhere across the metaverse. Set your avatar apart with the latest gear from Sector 217.

Airdrops +

Your journey into the Huxley universe has just begun… Who knows what you might discover. As always, Central A.I. is watching. Your loyalty just might be rewarded.


Ben Mauro

World builder. Character creator. NFT artist. Ben Mauro’s work has made a powerful impact on the gaming world, as senior concept designer and art director for first-person-shooting dynasties Halo and Call of Duty. His visions have graced the big screen in Elysium, Chappie, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Now he unveils his fully-fledged graphic novel series, Huxley.

Past Clients


CEO + Founder of Feature

Steven Ilous

A visionary entrepreneur and creative professional with over 20 years of feature film, video game, and web experience, Steven has worked closely with some of the greatest talents in entertainment. Inspired by Steven’s dream to build a better system for creators, Feature is building a new platform for buying and selling intellectual property.

Lead Developer

Seb Brocher

Seb is a technology entrepreneur and developer with a passion and talent for the arts. Seb developed CryptoArte, one of the first generative art NFT projects on the Ethereum network, and is the founder and CEO of Chimichurri, a software development company.

Marketing Director

Oliver Permut

A multi-disciplined creative with experience in the music, entertainment, hospitality and tech industries, Oliver brings unique insight and passion to each project. He has lead social campaigns for the world’s premier electronic music festival, made commercials for Vice Media in Berlin, and spearheaded hospitality start-up initiatives in Miami.

Head of Community

Kasandra Vegas

Educator. Community builder. Co-Founder of NFTs.Tips. In the rapidly emerging NFT space, Kas bridges the gap between art, tech, culture and provenance, and brings an enthusiastic voice to new projects, ventures, and creators.